Ready to take your practice to a whole new level?

Gain a deeper understanding of the many layers of yoga and advance your practice, develop confidence, and find your voice.

Whether you want to deepen your practice or teach yoga, this foundational yoga training is designed to give you a transformational experience. For those who want to teach, our comprehensive teacher training program is the gold standard and will mark the beginning of your successful career as a yoga teacher.  For those who just want a deeper understanding of yoga and life, this program will indeed change the way you think about things and is a chance to do something for yourself to grow personally.  For whichever reason you choose to pursue the training, we know it will be a life-changing decision!



Like all Registered Yoga Schools, our Yoga Teacher Training program is required to offer a curriculum based on the guidelines issued by the Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance. Within these programs is where prospective students will find the differences in how the curriculum is delivered. Our program exceeds all requirements required by the Canadian Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance.


Our curriculum has an intense focus in Technique Training, which is essential for new teachers. However, our program also offers variety in many areas to ensure authentic yoga programming (not what is trendy).  Guest Instructors:  Various weekends, we will be having various guest instructors participate, so that you may get training from may different views and Yoga backgrounds!


Within this course, you will receive all the necessary materials to teach Hatha Yoga, at a Professional Level, as a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher!  You will learn about asanas, adjustments to asanas, modifications to asanas, contraindications, Yogic philosophy, Yoga teacher methodology, helping students with limited range of motion, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.  As you know, teaching Yoga is more than a physical practice. You will also learn about yamas, niyamas, chakras, bandhas, mudras, relaxation techniques, meditation, and Yoga teacher ethics.  In our program, we put a major emphasis on preserving the yoga tradition and studying Yoga Philosophy.  Additionally, you will discover the secrets of Yoga Business Development.  Communication, marketing, and networking are skills every Yoga teacher should have.

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